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10 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

  1. Stalking you.

Stalking equals love. Don’t consider stalking as if you’re prey; consider it as your cat must eat and you’re the love meal.

  1. Helping you’re employed.

Whether a cat rubs against your pen when you’re writing or drawing, taps a couple of keys when you’re typing, or adds a column to a spreadsheet, it’s because they look after you. If you happen to lose 7,000 words of a paper, it’s because you’ll do better. Plus, a cat’s purpose is to remind us there’s more to life than work; there’s napping.

  1. Intimidating the opposite pets.

My cats rule our dogs, hamsters, and fish. I think they plan that if the opposite animals fear them, they’ll score more couch time with the humans. It’s working.

  1. Monitoring your bathing.

My cats wish to loiter outside the shower. If that’s not loved, it’s indisputably ensuring we’re clean. And no, they don’t like baths.

  1. Allowing children to decorate them up and parade them during a doll stroller.

I know this is often specific to my cats, but my daughters created many special experiences at the expense of my cat’s dignity. I’m forever indebted to the patience and affection my kitties showered on my baby girls.

Our cats love us. They express their feelings through a spread of behaviors, actions, and sensations. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve shared with the cats I’ve been blessed to possess in my life. Now if I could only shake the shadowy feeling I’m being watched and obtain an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


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