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10 Signs Your Cat Truly Loves You

  1. Cozying up to you at the simplest times. Or the worst.

The fact that your cat chooses to get with, beside, or on top of you signals cherishment. Whether it’s 8 p.m. or 2 a.m., those four paws padding across your face are drumbeats to your heart.

  1. Lovingly staring and blinking kitty kisses.

To lose yourself within the eyes of another, that’s the essence of being crazy. Or it’s a glaring threat. Maybe even a peering analysis of how you’d taste. I’ll persist with the kitty kisses. Oh, and don’t stare back. Too risky.

  1. Head butts and rubs.

Cats secrete pheromones from their forehead. These pheromones are typically wont to mark territory and possessions. Love has been described as locking up your heart and discard the key. Consider yourself kitty captured.

  1. Permitting you to rub their belly.

If a cat allows you to rub their underside, consider yourself adored. If you are trying to try to do this without permission, you’ll only try it once. approximately I’ve heard.

  1. Watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns with you.

Anyone who will sit through sappy soaps and dramas must love you dearly. I’m not saying your cat is viewing these romantic programs, I’m just observing that your cat is there. exposure is half the battle; staying there’s the remainder.

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