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9 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

7 – Obsessive Licking

If your cat is obsessively licking herself, then that would be a symbol of several skin diseases, allergies, or parasites, including fleas. If you notice your cat is licking excessively (some will even make bald patches) then there’s a problem at hand.

8 – Mood Swings

Is your friendly cat suddenly taking swipes at you once you try petting them or picking them up? Resisting their owner’s advances for affection is usually a symbol that your cat is in pain. A cat with a sudden change in temperament and behavior is usually a trigger of a health issue.

9 – Bad Breath

For this sign, you’ve got to understand what your cat’s breath normally smells like. Because, your cat’s breath isn’t getting to be “minty fresh” sort of a human’s, but there should never be a foul-smelling odor coming off of it. Bad breath can mean something is wrong in your kitty’s mouth. Whether your poor cat could also be affected by an abscess, cavity, or an infection, bad breath is that the first sign of any of those conditions.


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