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9 Signs Your Cat May Be Sick

Do you know how to tell when you cat needs to go to the vet? the sooner you detect ill health the better; your cat will recover faster and it can prevent much money on expensive vet bills. Brent Lotz, a licensed veterinary assistant, says to stay an eye fixed out for these signs which will mean your cat features ill health. And if you see any of those symptoms in your cat, it’s time to book a meeting together with your cat’s vet ASAP:

1 – Change in Appetite

If your kitty isn’t eager to eat, or always seems hungry, this will be a symbol of several diseases that a vet should check out. Also, if your cat is trying to eat but it seems painful, this might be a symbol of a tooth problem.

2 – Sudden Weight Change

A sudden or drastic weight change, either gain or loss, can mean something is wrong together with your cat’s health. Knowing what a “good weight” is on your cat is that the key to recognizing this sign.

3 – Lethargy

While cats are known for being lazy, there’s a difference between a cat napping, and a cat not feeling tolerable to maneuver. If he/she does not run once they hear you getting their food ready, or if their normal “Zoomy time” has been replaced with curling abreast of the couch, something could also be wrong. Many feline diseases and illnesses have lethargy as a telltale symptom, so a visit to the vet may be a good idea if you notice an excessively tired cat.

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