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How to calm your anxious cat!

5-Is your cat being bullied?

It’s not just the ride to the vet that creates your cat stressed. You’re taking her out of her safe space with all its familiar scents. Your car will have a special odor, and therefore the vet’s lounge is going to be filled with scents from other pets.

If you’ve got a multi-pet household there could also be an opportunity your stressed kitty is being bullied. It’s not only folks that suffer from bullying. there’s a hierarchy among our pets too.

Your kitty can also be subject to bullying from neighbor’s cats. a bit like people doesn’t always get alongside one another an equivalent goes for our feline friends.

6-Does your cat get bored?

just like us, cats get bored if they lack mental stimulation. Though your cat spends a lot of time sleeping, when she’s awake she’ll be active.

If your cat spends a lot of time outdoors there won’t be a problem as she’ll get plenty to stimulate her senses. However, if she’s kept indoors while you’re out all day you’ll need to provide entertainment.

There are robotic cat toys that provide hours of fun encouraging hunt and chase. You can also get toys with running mice on a track. There are gaps in the enclosed track allowing your cat to try and catch the mice.

Cat trees with high perches also provide both mental stimulation and exercise. Your cat will benefit from jumping up on the perches as well as being able to survey her territory from a high vantage point!.

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