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How to calm your anxious cat!

3-How to calm an anxious cat with the addition of a new baby in the home

Bringing a new baby home or introducing another pet can stress your cat. She may feel threatened by the new addition and end up suffering anxiety or depression.
Unless cats are introduced to babies at a young age they’ve no experience and may react negatively. You can avoid this by making sure your fur baby gets lots of love and cuddles.

Don’t ignore your cat no matter how demanding your baby is. Even a few minutes playtime here and there will make her feel calmer. As your baby develops encourage bonding with the cat. It’s hugely beneficial for children to grow up with pets in the home.

4-The stress of car journeys

Most cats hate traveling unless they’ve become used it at a young age. Most times the sole reason you’ll take your cat within the car is to go to the vet. I do know the stresses of trying to coax your cat into a pet carrier.

I don’t know who gets more stressed, the cat or me!! It’s like they know as soon as you get the pet carrier out. I’m sure the vet has got to leave raised heart rates and vital signs. (The cat’s, not mine!!)

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