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How to calm your anxious cat!

In the same way that humans get stressed so do our pets. Knowing how to calm a cat with anxiety can make for a happier kitty and closer relationship.
Cats are very sensitive animals that don’t always respond well to change. Moving home or introducing a new pet can turn your cat’s life upside down. In this post, we’ll be looking at why your cat may be stressed as well as effective ways to calm her down.

1-Why is my cat stressed?

Of course, every cat is different, but you’ll find a minimum of one among these solutions works. Always show much patience and love and you’ll turn your stressed feline into a relaxed, laid back kitty!

This is an issue asked by many cat parents at just one occasion or another. As they can’t tell you ways they feel, it’s right down to you to figure out what’s happening.

Sometimes it is often something so obvious it gets overlooked. What could seem nothing to us are often overwhelmingly stressful to a cat.

For example, another cat spraying up against the wall outside is often very threatening. Male cats do that as how to mark their territory.

2-Moving home can turn your cat’s world upside down

Your kitty may be nervous about going outside, especially if that cat is a regular visitor. She’ll pick up on the scent left by the tomcat and know immediately the boundaries of his territory, and roughly when he visited.

Moving furniture and redecorating is one thing, but moving home can stress your cat. It’s bad enough for us, but imagine how it can affect your cat.

Your kitty rubs her scent against everything in her home creating a secure, familiar space. Any change can make your cat feel very disorientated.

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