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Want To Lose Weight but Lack Motivation? 5 Easy Steps on How To Start and Continue Your Journey

“I want to lose weight but no motivation, how to start?”

This happens to many of us who love food, for professionals who are too tired or lazy to do physical exercise after busy work schedule, and more.

Losing weight is by no means the easiest of tasks, especially if we want to do it in a healthy, sustainable way that needs strong motivation which plays a crucial role.

If you feel like you don’t know where to begin with weight loss, here are 5 ways to get you started:

1- Write Down Your REAL Reason(s) For Losing Weight

Determine why you would like to reduce, as studies show that folks are more successful if they need clear weight loss motivations that come from within.

Write down all the explanations you would like to reduce, attempt to read through them daily as a reminder, and use them to urge back on target once you slump the load loss wagon.

However, if your reasons to shed off pounds are something as simple as below, then you ought to consider looking deeper.

.. I would like to enhance my health.
.. I’m uninterested in being heavy.
.. I would like to lose fat.

These are good reasons to reduce, but they’re not specific enough for what you ought to be used for motivation.

For the examples above, dive deeper by asking further questions like “Why do I would like to enhance my health” and “Why do I would like to lose fat?” until you discover your TRUE motivation.

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