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How to Win the Heart of Your Lover

Your guy might feel a deep need for his own space far away from it all. A house within the country where he has total control over his domain. Where neighbors are a mile away. Or he could hunger for freedom from responsibility and therefore the time to try to do what he wants.

Maybe he wants to travel places. See new things. Explore. Experience the planet.

Whatever really matters to him, it is your job to get it. And there are methods to try to do just that.

I explore these methods in His Secret Obsession, a relationship course I created to assist women. Because you cannot really tie your relationship to his journey until you uncover the items he cares about most.

They are your window into his world. Into what makes him tick. Into what motivates him in the middle of his being.

For the sake of this report, though, we’re getting to jump past that. We’re getting to assume that you simply know a minimum of one desire that energizes him.

Here’s how you pair that knowledge with goal-setting to actually win his heart.

Let’s say he wants something relatively simple: longer to try to do what he wants.

In that case, sit down and mention specific things both of you’ll do to assist him to achieve this goal.

First, list all the time-consuming tasks each of you are doing. Cleaning the house or apartment.

Mowing the lawn. Driving to figure. Filing taxes.

Brainstorm ways to trade money for time. Could you pay someone to require a couple of time-sucking tasks off your plates?

Determine whether it’s worthwhile. Take it seriously. Calculate what proportion of time each task takes.

And how much someone would charge.

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