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How to Win the Heart of Your Lover

How to Win the Heart of Your Lover

Helping him “win” at your relationship may be a great start.

The regeneration he receives will keep him hooked. it’ll keep him returning for more.

But the connection will likely still feel break away his “real” purpose. From the goals, he feels he must achieve. From his Heroic Journey.

That is unless you switch the connection into the foremost significant adventure of his life. this is often one among the primary steps in becoming His Secret Obsession.

Remember, at the guts of each Heroic Journey may be a goal. to realize something. to guard someone. To earn someone’s respect.

Men can not help but be motivated by this stuff. They get hooked. they need something to figure toward. A goal they will strive to realize.

Typically, this leads to a “grass is usually greener” outlook. What they are doing not have is way more exciting than what they do have.

To put it bluntly, it is a big reason why men stray.

But you’ll channel this desire for something more. you’ll channel it back to your relationship. And it isn’t that difficult.

Consider what a “grass is usually greener” outlook is about at its core. Desire. Hopes. Dreams.

If he doesn’t have something to hope and dream about in his life with you, he will find it elsewhere. then he will start a “journey” to realize those hopes and dreams. A journey that may involve you being left behind.

Unless you channel those desires. Unless you create your future together the “greener grass” he can seek.

Here’s how: deliberately hope and dream together.

You do this by regularly setting goals you would like to satisfy as a few.

Said in such a dry, straightforward way, that probably sounds really boring. But trust me it won’t be.

Allow me to elaborate.

In his heart of hearts, there are many things your man cares deeply about. I’m talking about very strong desires. Desires he doesn’t share many of us. He might not even consciously understand a number of his own deep desires.

But pursuing this stuff can make him feel truly alive. Happy. Accomplished. Heroic.

The specifics are different for each man.

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